Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Letting go....
I don't know where to start with this post, or really how to write it. I was originally writing this on my personal blog but figured this might be a better place for it, I don't think my family or friends will understand what I'm going through.
As many of you know breastfeeding is VERY important to me, now that Tyler's 1 year old, it's time to let go, so you hear....
I've done a lot of research through the 1st year and found that breastfeeding is beneficial past the first 12 months. I've confidently told myself I will continue to do so until Tyler & I decide to stop, we're at 13 months today and I'm at a point that I honestly don't know what to do :( it kills me that there's no right or wrong answer out there, "they" say at LEAST the 1st year and after that it's whenever you and you're baby are ready....
I don't want to say I'm giving into peer pressure, but I don't know what else to call it....I'm gradually cutting out breastfeeding, but I have hope that with our next child it will be more acceptable and I'll feel more comfortable continuing and doing what I feel is right.
I feel so lucky to be where I am right now, to have the option to stop where many mom's out there never had the opportunity to start or continue past 6 weeks.
I can't believe how hard this is, I don't know how to let go :(

In other news, I just ordered my first set of CLOTH DIAPERS!!! I'm so super freakin excited!! Another thing I don't think f or f will get! Now I'm on this hunt for wet bags, never would have thought 3 yrs ago that today I'd be searching desperately for a bag to put my baby's poopy diapers in, lol!!

I'm BACK :)

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