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Looking for a fun alternative to a nursing cover?

Try a breastfeeding hat!

As you've read in previous post I LOVE breastfeeding and I LOVE that it's slowly becoming more acceptable in public! I was Super excited when I received this breastfeeding hat, at first I was a little hesitant since I have a hard time getting BB to wear a hat in general. But it's a great fit and even at first when he was tugging to get it off he couldn't get it off so he just gave up! I actually received quite a few compliments on it while we were in Florida and I was pretty much feeding BB anywhere I could get him to eat (you know how vacations are...crazy!) Lots of moms with older children saying how they wish they had this when they were breastfeeding!
There are several cute designs to choose from as well as 2 sizes!

I stole a few pics from MoBoleez website because I just couldn't believe how casual these moms look, this product is truly amazing!

Seriously how cute are they??

A breastfeeding hat is based on a simple, fun idea. The idea? Design a hat just for the
breastfeeding baby, with a tiny little head and great big brim. The wide brim offers a
little privacy for mom, and cuts out distractions for baby. The fun? Super soft, all
natural fabrics, baby-friendly colours, and delightful illustrations for the top of the
head (visible when breastfeeding of course!) And, when moms lift up the brim,
there’s a little message from baby!

What does "MoBoleez" mean?
The “MoBo” in “Moboleez” is short for “modern
bonnets” – “modern” to convey the idea that this is a new, up-to-date product for the modern mum, and the “bonnet” to convey the old fashioned values behind the traditional baby colours, the soft, natural fabrics and the healthy art of breastfeeding. NEAT!

Social/Health Trends: MoBoleez is committed to supporting the nursing mum. Why, when interest and
acceptance of nursing is at a high point in our culture, are so many women having problems establishing and
sustaining breastfeeding? MoBoleez hats are a cute way to promote breastfeeding, help mums feel proud of
what they are doing, help them to relax and have fun with the sometimes awkward process.

I'm so pleased with this breastfeeding hat, I plan on breastfeeding for at least another yr and having another child soon after that! So my tata's are going to need a lot of coverage for a long time! The MoBoleez has made me one happy momma, I'm covered for yrs!

One lucky follower is g
oing to receive a MoBoleez Hat for...

Here's How To 

*Visit MoBoleez and tell me what your favorite fabric/design is.

*Become a follower, if you already are leave me a comment saying so :)


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Please Walk Responsibly

True or False Quiz!
  1. You've been to a wedding where you took your shoes off to dance..
  2. Got all dressed up for a night on the town and started crying because your feet hurt so bad 20 minutes into your perfect night..
  3. Are barefoot under your desk..
  4. Broke a heal..
  5. One word..BLISTERS!..
If you answered TRUE to ANY of these questions then "oh, boy do I have a solution for you!"

I was lucky enough to try these out 1st hand and I can HONESTLY tell you I will never be scared to wear heels again!

Delicate Soles are very thin ballet flats that fit in any purse- rolled up they aresmaller than a cell phone!

Ladies, I'm a die hard heels girl, I LOVE the way they make my long legs look.


"Oh, my goodness!" I'm in so much pain after wearing them for less than an hr, I want to cry because MY SHOES RUINED MY NIGHT! I can't dance, I've actually been kicked out of TWO bars because I was dancing barefoot! Guess they're liable if I cut my foot, who would've thought??
I went on vacation with my family this past week, I threw my new delicate Soles in my carry-on and off to Florida we went. The FIRST night there my feet were already on fire (you know that feeling) so I popped out my delicate soles and my feet felt "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" They're also CUTE, they went with my outfit and were comfy!
Needless to say they are in purse at all times now!

Thank you Delicate Soles!

A few awesome facts about these delicate soles...

*Roll-and-Go: Delicate Soles are designed to be light weight and portable. When rolled
they are about the size of a tube of lipstick, so you can rest assured that your Delicate Soles
will fit comfortably into any handbag. With your Delicate Soles you can baby your feet in
style wherever you may roam.
*Totes: Every pair of Delicate Soles comes with two tantalizing totes: a tote to baby your
Delicate Soles while they are tucked neatly into your favorite purse and a tote for your
strenuous stilettos when your feet have had enough.
*Box: Every delicate sole needs a comfy resting place when not on the go.
*Value: You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to save a toe. We take great steps to
keep our costs reasonable without sacrificing quality.
*Quality: Every pair of Delicate Soles is made of the highest quality synthetic uppers and
slip resistent rollable soles. Weighing in at just a few ounces, Delicate Soles look and feel
like leather, but without the added weight.

Here's what you've all been waiting for....
Mandatory entry:
Visit leave me a comment on what color you would choose!
Extra Entries (new comment for each)
-I would love to hear a funny story about a time you really could've used Delicate Soles!
-Post this giveaway on your blog!
Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on May 4, 2010. The winner will be selected using and notified by email (make sure I have a way to get in touch with you!). If I don't get a response from you within 48hrs another winner will be selected.


                                                         Baby Bond Review & Giveaway!

Baby Bond Rocks! This product is great for moms on the go, it's for the mom that can't stay home 24/7 to privately feed her little one. I was so scared to feed my son in public and avoided it at all cost. But there came a time that I had no choice, we were at the mall and I lost track of time, my son needed to eat and he needed to eat NOW! I pulled out my nursing cover (that seem to take up my entire bag) and I stumbled around trying to cover myself and latch him without being able to see him, it was a mess. My son's older now and a pro at breastfeeding but I'm still having issues feeding him comfortably in public. I received the BabyBond a few days ago, a beautifully crafted "scarf" that wraps over your shoulder covering your breast but not your baby, it keeps that special bond between mommy and baby by keeping eye contact and communication OPEN!! I purposely went to the mall during feeding time so I could honestly review this product, for the 1st time I felt comfortable, relaxed and gave a great feeding in PUBLIC!

I will be honest when I first saw it, I was a little lost on how to use it, but it comes with a few picture directions and I finally figured it out (If I can figure it out, anyone can figure it out!) I was very nervous about writing my first review, "what if I didn't like the product?" Seriously, what if you don't like the product, do you lie?" Luckily that is not the case :) I love this product and here's why..

- I'm a nanny and I breastfeed my son at work. The father works from home, he randomly comes upstairs and I jump at the sight of him if I'm feeding Tyler and cover up. I've tried the nursing cover, it worked in the beginning but for the last few months Tyler refuses to have something over his head, honestly I don't blame him! I tried the Baby Bond and it's perfect, it covers what I need covered and doesn't interfere with Tyler.

- I was very impressed with the fabric, it's soft and high quality. It's made in the US..what a plus!

- You don't have to spend hundreds (like I did) on nursing tops and covers. It actually cost less than most nursing tops! I'm hooked!

- Missy, the creator of this product and company is a mom that found a way to FINALLY openly breastfeed and be discreet about it. Missy didn't just stop at helping mothers proudly feed their baby in public, she's also helping mothers in need, what a champ. Click here to see what I'm talking about!

Great video!

Baby Bond is GIVING AWAY a Bond of your choice!


MANDATORY ENTRY: Become a BabyBond facebook fan as well as posting their link on your favorite facebook maternity/breastfeeding/parenting page. Leave a comment confirming you've done this!

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (each one in separate comment, not counted unless mandatory entry is complete):

2.) Tell me which baby bond you would choose and why!
3.) Tell me something you learned after reading about the Baby Bond on their website.

*Baby Bond has also created a discount for all my awesome readers, enter code "nanny" for 25% off until 4/20 at checkout!

This contest has ended.
Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on April 20th, 2010. The winner will be selected using and notified by email (make sure I have a way to get in touch with you!). If I don't get a response from you within 48hrs another winner will be selected.

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