Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crying it out...BLOWS!

I'm a hypocrite, a HUGE hypocrite!

I CAN'T take the crying!

Look at this face, it's too gentle, sweet, loving and just too CUTE to let get all distorted by loud screaming and painful tears (even though these cries don't really produce tears!)
BB has always been a good sleeper and great at putting himself to sleep for naps. Nighttime is a little different, I've always breastfeed to sleep for his bedtime routine and it's always worked. But last week he's started staying awake through his feeding and SCREAMS when I lay him down. I'm pretty weak and my hubby or I would cave and rock him 2 or 3 times until we successfully got him to sleep. Last night I decided NO MORE, he has to learn to put himself down at nighttime. OMG it sucked, it sucked more than I've ever thought something sucked!
I gave in at first.
PB was golfing all day...
I called him and made him come home to help me through it. I couldn't take the screaming.
It took an hr but he did it!
I really hope this gets easier :)

Sooo...why am I a hypocrite?

Every child I've watched that a parent complained about the CIO method I thought to myself get over it and just do it. Bla, bla, bla! WOW, was I wrong.

I apologize to every parent out there that I talked about behind their back. Deeply, deeply apologize!

Happy Monday, hope you guys have a great week ahead of you!

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