Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 3

It didn't feel like a very busy day but after uploading all these photos we did

a lot!

We started at the Pier in St.Petersburg,

There was a Zoltar Machine (from the Movie "Big" with Tom Hanks) there

PB & BB got their fortunes, it didn't really make sense

Look in the mirror, self reflection.. bla,bla

But the idea was fun!

We passed a beautiful tree with red leaves along the way


We had to stop and take photos :)

We then headed to Treasure Island.

We walked along the ocean and went in a few shops, we saw lots of Pirates!

We were also the witnesses to a horrible chopping of a shark,


I had to take photos, since it's not really something you see everyday.

We finished this awesome day off with a tasty bite at "Riverhouse Reef & Grill"

We were the youngest people there probably by 30 years, ha,ha!

It was delicious and BB loved all the attention!

Dinner at RiverHouse Reef Grill
Tyler's face from the wind was HYSTERICAL!

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