Tuesday, April 6, 2010

J.u.s.t .n.e.e.d .to. v.e.n.t

Why do I always complain on here???

I guess it's my way out!

My sweet boy was sick over the weekend, he had a 101.5 temp Friday-Sunday night (3 full days) and he's still VERY fussy and as a mother you can just tell something's wrong. He's fine with Motrin (which by the way I was terrified to give him, if he can't have it before 6 months is it really that safe at 9 months, I hope so because I gave it to him) but without any meds he's very lethargic and just not my happy baby.

Everyone and I mean everyone say's "oh, he's teething."

OH, MY GOODNESS PEOPLE...is my child not allowed to be sick, does it always have to be teeth??

Yes, he is teething, he's always teething!

My baby's SICK!

He needs extra lovin and huggin from his momma, not "oh, your fine, it's just teeth ripping through your innocent mouth!"

I just don't understand why everyone blames everything on teeth.

It reminds me of something else, kind of off subject but kinda along the same line...of me bitching that it is...

I don't understand why mothers tell expecting mothers "Enjoy sleep now, because you'll never get it back."

Why must we be so negative!

I always try to be as positive as I can (I realize that's hard to believe when all I do is complain on here) but being a mother is truly a blessing, I love my son with all of heart and I honestly enjoy every laugh, cry, sick day(s), crawl, bite, storytime, feeding, pumping and being on call 24/7.

I just wish people would be a little more uplifting than negative.

I'm not disagreeing that you lose sleep, but why is that the 1st thing you say to an expecting mother in line at Target, that you've never met???

Ok, I'm done!

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