Monday, April 19, 2010

Delicate Soles Giveaway!!

Please Walk Responsibly

True or False Quiz!
  1. You've been to a wedding where you took your shoes off to dance..
  2. Got all dressed up for a night on the town and started crying because your feet hurt so bad 20 minutes into your perfect night..
  3. Are barefoot under your desk..
  4. Broke a heal..
  5. One word..BLISTERS!
If you answered TRUE to ANY of these questions then "oh, boy do I have a solution for you!"

I was lucky enough to try these out 1st hand and I can HONESTLY tell you I will never be scared to wear heels again!

Delicate Soles are very thin ballet flats that fit in any purse- rolled up they are smaller than a cell phone!

Ladies, I'm a die hard heels girl, I LOVE the way they make my long legs look.


"Oh, my goodness!" I'm in so much pain after wearing them for less than an hr, I want to cry because MY SHOES RUINED MY NIGHT! I can't dance, I've actually been kicked out of TWO bars because I was dancing barefoot! Guess they're liable if I cut my foot, who would've thought??
I went on vacation with my family this past week, I threw my new delicate Soles in my carry-on and off to Florida we went. The FIRST night there my feet were already on fire (you know that feeling) so I popped out my delicate soles and my feet felt "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!" They're also CUTE, they went with my outfit and were comfy!
Needless to say they are in purse at all times now!

Thank you Delicate Soles!

A few awesome facts about these delicate soles...

*Roll-and-Go: Delicate Soles are designed to be light weight and portable. When rolled

they are about the size of a tube of lipstick, so you can rest assured that your Delicate Soles

will fit comfortably into any handbag. With your Delicate Soles you can baby your feet in

style wherever you may roam.

*Totes: Every pair of Delicate Soles comes with two tantalizing totes: a tote to baby your

Delicate Soles while they are tucked neatly into your favorite purse and a tote for your

strenuous stilettos when your feet have had enough.

*Box: Every delicate sole needs a comfy resting place when not on the go.

*Value: You shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to save a toe. We take great steps to

keep our costs reasonable without sacrificing quality.

*Quality: Every pair of Delicate Soles is made of the highest quality synthetic uppers and

slip resistent rollable soles. Weighing in at just a few ounces, Delicate Soles look and feel

like leather, but without the added weight.

Here's what you've all been waiting for....


Mandatory entry:

Visit leave me a comment on what color you would choose!

Extra Entries (new comment for each)

-I would love to hear a funny story about a time you really could've used Delicate Soles!

-Post this giveaway on your blog!


Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on April 28, 2010. The winner will be selected using and notified by email (make sure I have a way to get in touch with you!). If I don't get a response from you within 48hrs another winner will be selected.

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