Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The magical swaddle!

Swaddling your baby is AMAZING! I have yet to meet a baby that was against swaddling! I highly recommend it to any parent that's having a hard time calming their little one, or having trouble getting them to sleep. I swaddled Tyler until he was 3.5 months.

Love this swaddle...

This is what I use now that my little guy's out of the swaddle, Sleepsack.

This comes in Fleece or cotton!

There's also a great video our friend Shannon sent us called "Happiest Baby on the block." My husband learned a lot from this and felt more confident with his swaddling and calming techniques.


Brandy said...

Following from MBC! I loved the Happiest Baby on the Block video...it was so helpful for me and my hubby.


malmal0505 said...

Although I'm a single gal w/no kiddos...a while back my cousin told me about swaddling/wrapping the baby up in a blanket and it really works. Great to see that they have a product out there that is so cute and useful.

Saving Creatively said...

Great blog. Following from MBC