Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, here I go again!

Just got my dad on board with breastfeeding! 1 down 500,000 to go! My family's never been against me breastfeeding but they've never really supported me. He was in disbelief when I told him all the benefits of breastfeeding, he kept saying "why don't they hang that on the doors of hospitals, WOW, I never knew any of that." I think that's how half of America feels and if I can teach one person at a time about the benefits of breastfeeding I WILL! I should rename this blog "MB's obsession with breastfeeding" since it's pretty much all I talk about :)

Like many other mother's out there I've had some issues with breastfeeding.. pain, always worrying if I'm producing enough, distractable baby, but my main on-going issue was dairy. I went dairy free (no milk, soy, cheese, honestly I could go on for hrs on what I couldn't eat) for 8 months, BB's now handling dairy much better! My sister one day asked me "why do you do that, why give that up to breastfeed?" My response, "it's the least I can do!"

When we would visit our families in STL we were out all the time so feeding BB became hard to do in private. There were a few very uncomfortable moments with my parents parked in the car. I would get in back and feed BB, my parents would stare out the window, car off, no radio, scared to look anywhere in the car in fear that they'd catch a glimpse of boob! I just hate how uncomfortable the world makes something so natural feel.

I think it's so funny that people drink cows milk daily but still have issues with human milk...need I say more??!!??

I need start a campaign for breastfeeding :)

Ok, I'm done, for now!


liz said...

Cute bib! I think when our generation were babies, BFing was something only "hippies" did, so most of our moms didn't BF us, and it seems weird to them now as we have kids.

LuLu said...

You go girl! I'm visiting from NFF


Kelsey @ Tattered and Inked said...

I'm so glad I decided to BF with my little guy! You won't regret it! I'm visiting from NFF.

Julie said...

Love the bib! I am a proud breastfeeding mom of two! I talk to all my friends about it! I love it! Breastfed my daughter to 16 months when I got pregnant with my son who is 11 months and still going strong! I'm a new follower from Friday Follow!

Tracy said...

BF Mom here too! My little one is almost 10 months and we are still at it! My sisters didn't breastfeed past 6 months, so everyone keeps asking me when I'm going to stop - I tell them I'm not sure!

Where is the bib from? That is fabulous!