Friday, March 19, 2010

Saying "NO" breaks my heart :(

Baby bear's only 9 months old (8 months, 4 weeks to be exact) and I've decided it might be time to teach the word "NO." WELL...I can't, it breaks my heart to tell him "NO!" Lately he's been chewing on the computer cord (plugged into the wall) so, I'm practicing my new found word "NO" B.U.T he looks at me with the sweetest look you've ever seen and actually stops, it melts my heart. I hate having to say that nasty word to that sweet innocent face.."Oh, lord I'm done for, this child is going to walk all over me" and I'm ok with that, now how do we get daddy on that same wagon!?!


Katherine said...

Saying no SUCKS! Just wait til he gets a little older! My two year old scrunches up his nose sticks out his bottom lip and looks straight in my eyes and cries. I know he's doing it on purpose but it WORKS! I'd hand him the moon on a platter!

furygirl3132 said...

I agree. My youngest daughter is 18 months old and I hate to have to tell her no continuously, but now when I tell her No now, she is always telling me no back. It's so much fun being a mommy! I am a new follower from FFF on Mom Bloggers Club. Glad to have found your blog! Have a great weekend!