Monday, March 22, 2010

Sometimes I need a time out!

As most of you know my hubby and I live in Dallas, TX while the rest of our family & friends reside in STL, MO. Since BB was born (9 months ago) we've had 3 times were both of us have been away from him and 2 of those were date nights. Luckily my mother-n-law fly's in every few months and that's when we take advantage of getting out for a little bit.

It's getting harder, I need my husband, I need that time away, I need him to look at me and see me as more than the mother of his son. I miss talking to him (we talk, but it's about BB, it's bout work, it's while we sit on the couch and we're both on the computer or watching T.V.) I love our life, I love that I have both of them to myself but sometimes I wish we could just trust someone enough with our little guy and GET OUT!

I think it's so funny how guys can just leave, "hey hun, I'm going to the gym, the library, golf lessons" or just leaving to get out. But when I leave it's this whole planned ordeal, I have to wait tell BB takes a nap so when he wakes I can feed him, then sneak out for a few hrs. My sweet hubby watched BB yesterday while I ran a few needed errands, 1 hr into these errands I received my 2nd phone call from him only to hear complete silence on the other end...

Me "hunny, hunny, hello??"

PB "Can you come home?"

Me "What's wrong?"

PB "He coughed when he was eating and I'm scared."

Me "Ok, on my way."

PB "how long until you get here?"

I admit it feels awesome to be needed so much, to have the feeling that I'm the only one that knows that little boy in and out and that no one can care for him the way I can. Buuuuut, it's nice to have a little alone time too, o'well maybe in 5 yrs after the next one is potty trained!!


K∂riиє* Smith. said...

I understand everything that you said !
I'm from Brazil (sorry about my english mistakes) and my mum is not here (in Ireland), I don't really like to ask any favour to my in-law and sometimes I'm just to tired to chasing a baby sitter.
I really miss a time out...

I love your blog !

Creative Mommy said...

Right there with you chick! I should repost this on my blog and sign it with my took the words right out of my mouth!

liz said...

Brandy - I can totally relate! We live in TN and all our family is in IL. We haven't lived in the same state as our families since before kids. And people who live near their family have no idea what it's like when it's just you and your husband. Plus, date nights are even fewer and farther in between. I feel your pain. :)

Jennifer M said...

We have a similar situation in San Antonio with immediate family in Missouri and Florida. Although I'm the one reluctant to leave hubby alone with the kids, I feel like he only has a quarter of his attention on them and most of it on the computer or TV. And we could use some time to reconnect.

Katherine said...

I totally understand what your dsaying! Being a mom and being a dad are totally different things! Just little things like when he can just get up and go to the bathroom where I have to announce that I have to go and ask if he can keep an eye on the baby. Sometimes we need a little time for ourselves! It gets a lot easier as they get older!