Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sophie the teething giraffe

One morning when I got to work I noticed a new toy (well to be honest I thought it was a dog toy at first) it was a squeaky giraffe. My son loved it, so I asked my boss where she got it (thinking the dollar store.) She directed me to ebay, so ebay I went and discovered this giraffe cost a whopping $20!! I decided I would pass and just let BB munch on the one at work, well he over munched because I eventually gave in (go figure!) I ended up getting some amazing deal and only paying $10 for it, lets just say it was well worth it! He loved it ( I say loved because once he hit 7 months he was over it) but it will be nice to have for baby #2!


Hen Jen said...

we had a tigger toy shaped close to this, from the Disney Store that one of my babies just loved and chewed on all the time, same concept. I love seeing photos of her with it.

Tracy said...

I've heard of this toy - my daughter is 9 months old and only has two teeth, so we may just buy it!